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Guest Charter
Here's what we are doing to ensure that you have a great and, most importantly, safe stay at Old Cragg Hall Barn:

Firstly, we are ensuring that the property will be fully cleaned and sanitised and complying with the Covid Ready Guidelines from both the AA and Visit England. We have completed a Risk Assessment covering all aspects of our business and a Covid-19 cleaning guide and both of these are attached.

We're gathering all the information we can about where you can go out to eat, either indoors or outdoors, and where takeaways are available. We'll also inform about local attractions and whether advance booking may be required.

If you've stayed with us before, you may find that we look a little different as we've removed some of the non-essential decorative items to help reduce contact points. Most items are still available but will be kept in sealed bags - you're welcome to use them, just leave them out so they can be washed or quarantined for future guests. You'll also find a "quarantine box" in the living area for any books, DVDs or games that you handle during your stay.

We're still available if you need anything or have any problems during your stay and will manage any issues with social distancing wherever possible.

If you show any symptoms of the virus immediately before, during or after your stay then you must follow Government and NHS guidelines and also inform us so that we can take necessary action, which may mean cancelling future bookings. Guests with a positive test during their stay would be expected to leave immediately where possible.

Remember the best way to stay safe is to respect social distancing and regularly wash hands thoroughly.

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you at Old Cragg Hall Barn.

angela@oldcragghallbarn.co.uk   |   01422885581

Old Cragg Hall Barn, Cragg Vale, Hebden Bridge, West Yorks. HX7 5TB

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